The Rise of Low ABV Drinks

The Rise of Low ABV Drinks

Potential trigger warning/unpopular post.. oh and it’s a long one too..! If you read to the end, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the low category 💕

As you know, I’m all about promoting the Low & No Drinks category - although I very rarely discuss drinks from the “Low” category specifically. I guess this is because in the past I have been worried that I would be judged or trolled for drinking options with a higher ABV than 0.5% or that I could perhaps trigger someone.

I feel like now is the right time to address this, especially as this category is on the rise with brands like @drinknice (3.4% wine), @quarterproof (12% spirits) and @decemdrinks (10% Gin) - and then there’s the age old “Bitters” debate (I’m pro bitters in case you were wondering)

I should probably caveat all of this by saying I don’t class myself as being in recovery and I didn’t class myself as having alcohol use disorder. I totally understand and respect why some people will not go over 0.5%, why other’s won’t even touch an alcohol free alternatives and I will never ever judge anyone that still drinks alcohol either.

For some, the “Low” category is a hard no, but I think these drinks have their place in the market and will play an important part in the mindful drinking movement. If used correctly, they can help cut alcohol consumption by 75%! Is it important to know how to work out the ABV of a drink that has been mixed, so swipe along to see how to do this.

So basically, the point of my post is that you may start seeing some more products from the “Low” category here, however I will always make sure I state the ABV of anything that I’m posting. I also will never have these drinks at any of the events that I host either.

If you’re uncomfortable with seeing this sort of content, I am really sorry and totally understand if you want to unfollow - we all need to stay true to ourselves and this is me!

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