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Hi, I'm Kristin - thank you for visiting my website.

Sober AND Curious started out as an anonymous Instagram account in June 2022 - the month that I decided I needed to change my relationship with alcohol. I wasn't what would be considered alcohol dependent and I didn't "hit rock-bottom" but I had had one too many hangovers and missed too many plans as a result!

I began immersing myself in the low/no alcohol drinks category and I needed a place to post my images and thoughts without my friends getting sick of me - hello @soberandcurious

In December 2022, I decided I needed more connection with people who were cutting down on alcohol or going sober altogether and so the Sober AND Curious Facebook group was born (you can join here) where I started to create meet ups and events - the rest is history!

Lastly, in May 2023 I decided to offer my social media skills to alcohol free companies and brands - now, working with various organisations, I have been lucky enough to sell my other business to make Sober AND Curious my full time role.

I think it’s also important for me to say that I’m not ‘anti-alcohol’ in fact, I consider myself to be 99% sober. I’ve had 1% ciders and a 2.5% radler - some people would be shocked at that, but I know that I’ve drastically changed my relationship with alcohol and that’s all that matters.

Please feel free to get in touch,

Kristin xx