Scottish Family Business, Spirits of Virtue, Fundraise To Accelerate Expansion Plans

Scottish Family Business, Spirits of Virtue, Fundraise To Accelerate Expansion Plans

We’re a huge fan of Scottish non-alcoholic spirits producer Spirits of Virtue – a small family business with big ambitions. Founded by brothers Roddy and Kerr Nicoll in 2018, Spirits of Virtue is fast gaining a global reputation for its premium zero-proof spirits, which are loaded with innovation, creativity and a bold spirit of adventure.


From humble backyard beginnings in rural Scotland, Roddy and Kerr now ship their impressive portfolio of non-alc whisky, vodka, gin, rum and tequila alternatives to 16 countries around the world. And it’s little wonder their non-alcs are winning more and more fans. Handcrafted from the finest natural ingredients, their seven-brand portfolio is low-calorie, vegan, gluten-free and Halal-certified.

The SoV brothers are keen to point out that the exclusive water at the heart of their non-alcs has percolated through Scotland’s majestic Cairngorm mountains for over 50 years. Without getting too scientific, it’s unusually pure and has a unique molecular structure that steadfastly holds onto flavour.

From lifting coveted awards to making an impact around the world, Spirits of Virtue is a key player in shaping the future of non-alcoholic spirits. After launching in the US via in November, the company’s Nordic-inspired USKO is now the top-selling non-alc vodka on the online platform, while SoV’s gin alteratives Pearsons and CeroCero hold a 26% share of the non-alc gin market. Latest Amazon US statistics position SoV’s SOBOUR as the third most popular non-alc bourbon, while sales of its Seven Giants zero-proof tequila soared 36% in one month. Later this month, SoV will make history as the first non-alc producer in the world to break into the Japanese market with a whisky alternative when its specially crafted Glen Dochus Scottish Blend ships from Glasgow to Japan.


SoV is currently fundraising through equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs to accelerate expansion plans. Not even at the halfway point, the fundraise is sitting at 88% of its target. “This incredible momentum shows investor confidence in our non-alcoholic spirits, our growth strategy and the growing demand for premium non-alcs,” SoV co-founder Roddy told Sober & Curious. “We’ve come a long way from creating our first non-alc around the kitchen table. Spirits of Virtue and our range of non-alcoholic spirits is growing but what will never change is who we are and what we stand for.”

The fundraise campaign gives investors – of all financial means – the opportunity to become shareholders and participate in SoV’s future growth. Interested? Find more info in this SoV fundraise video or head over to their Seedrs page, where you can invest for less than a round of drinks in a swanky bar.

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Amazing! My wife and I had to stop drinking 2 years ago to start IVF! We now have a beautiful little boy and we still only drink AF! Genuinely won’t ever go back because the options are so amazing now! Would love to try these!

Nick Price

Thanks for a very interesting article. For someone who rarely drinks and doesn’t enjoy it much when I do, this is something I’d be very keen to try.


As a driver, your info is streets ahead of other ‘lo or no’ blogs. The Rhubarb & Ginger sounds fabulous!

Carole Paton

Some delicious sounding flavours!

Elisa Cartwright

Sounds perfect for summer evenings

Claire James

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