My Top 5 Alcohol Free Rosé Sparkling Wines

My Top 5 Alcohol Free Rosé Sparkling Wines

The weather is teasing us with some sunshine and it got me thinking about one of my favourite sunny day drinks - ice cold rosé sparkling wine!  There's something nice about popping that cork open and watching the bubbles fill the flute!

Here are my top 5 AF Rosé Sparkling Wines:

1. REAL Drinks - Peony Blush - £10.50Dive into an exquisite world of flavour with the Real Sparkling Peony Blush. This splendid rosé Sparkling Tea has been meticulously crafted using the finest White Peony tea, undergoing a natural fermentation process that births an alcohol-free Sparkling Tea brimming with richness and depth. 10/10 from me!
2. Zeno Wine - Sparkling Rosé - £13.00On the palate, ZENO offers a harmonious balance of fruitiness and freshness. The vibrant flavors of red berries are perfectly complemented by a gentle sweetness, making each sip a refreshing and enjoyable experience. The fine bubbles enhance the texture, adding a touch of sophistication and festivity. Ideal for celebrations, toasting life's milestones, or simply enjoying a casual gathering with friends, ZENO Non-Alcoholic Rosé Sparkling Wine ensures that everyone can partake in the toast, without compromise.
3. BO°LLE Rosa - £7.99 (inc delivery): a sophisticated low sugar, low calorie, low alcohol - it has only 2.2 grams of sugar per 100ml and only 12 calories, much less than other leading brands. A refreshing flavours made with a proprietary Zero Gradi technology, to keep all the flavour in and the alcohol out, resulting in a crisp, dry and smooth taste.
4. Three Spirit Blurred Vines Spark (Rosé) - £16.99: this is an eye-opening party starter, Spark was made for celebrations and party-popping. Lively, pink and full of fizz, our sparkling rosé alternative is filled with bright, red fruit flavours and packed with natural caffeine for euphoric feels and focus. Made from exquisitely rare cold brewed teas, British fruits and innovative ferments.
5. ALDI - Zerozecco Rosé - £2.99: Only available in store, but it's an absolute bargain! Boasting fruity red berry notes and a dry finish, this well-balanced tipple is the perfect alcohol-free alternative for those wanting to raise a toast to seasonal sunshine - run, don't walk!

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