The Boozeless Brunch - Edinburgh

The Boozeless Brunch - Edinburgh

Today saw us host our third BOOZELESS BRUNCH and we welcomed sober and sober curious people to the event! Everyone came on their own, so there were (naturally) some nerves, but after 10 minutes it was so lovely to see everyone chatting and connecting!


We started off with a glass of Peony Blush from REAL Drinks which was lovely and refreshing, and then we had some samples of the drinks from Moody Brew - who create plant based drinks which are packed full of antioxidants and have some really interesting flavours!




The venue Twenty Princes Street (which is inside Hotel Indigo) are always amazing at looking after us on the day and making our drinks look beautiful - so I want to say a big thank you to them!


We always have a large selection of alcohol free drinks available at our brunches (my personal favourite is Marty's Virgin Bloody Mary) - please do have a look at the menu at the bottom of this post and I'll link all the drinks.

If you fancy coming along to our next BOOZELESS BRUNCH - it's on Sunday 28th July 2024 in Edinburgh.  Tickets are £32 which include an arrival glass of alcohol free fizz, a selection of pastries, a main brunch course, tea/coffee/orange juice and unlimited alcohol free drinks - you can buy tickets HERE.


Where to buy the drinks* (click on the text to buy):

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