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Nozeco - Peach Bellini Alcohol Free Sparkling Drink - 750ml

Nozeco - Peach Bellini Alcohol Free Sparkling Drink - 750ml

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Nozeco Peach Bellini is a sparkling drink made from dealcoholized wine and natural peach flavours. The alcohol removal occurs in a very careful way in a vacuum (a space with no air inside) and is definitely gentler then any other extraction method. The method allows a very gentle extraction by temperature considerably below 30° Celsius so that the thermal damage cannot occur. The wine is warmed up, then the alcohol reaches its boiling point and starts to evaporate. This procedure happens in a few minutes and therefore is very effective. The system used is computer-controlled and ensures an optimal and correct extract of alcohol.


Ingredients: De-alcoholised wine (EU); sugar, water, carbon dioxide, stabilizer acacia gum, acidifier: citricadd natural flavouring caramel syrup, black carrot concentrate, preservatives potassium sorbate, potassium hydrogen SULPHITE

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